Front view of the TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) men’s bikini-style bottoms featuring Toile De Jouy in white with red Art by the Bang! brand of men&
Male model wearing the TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) Swim Mini-brief featuring a red and white toile de jouy print by BANG! Clothes the official brand of men’s swimwear brand based in Miami, FL.
Side view of muscular male model wearing TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) Summer swimsuit for the beach in white with red Toile de Jouy, toile fabric by  by BANG! Miami.
Back view of a model wearing TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) men’s beach mini-brief featuring a bright red and white South Beach, Art Deco building, flamingo, dolphins art made by the Bang! Miami official brand of men&
Close-up view of the TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) men’s summer shorts by BANG! clothing brand, showing white cord with custom branded golden cord ends, and matching custom eyelet trims in gold.
Infographic explaining the features of the TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) Swim Mini Brief made by BANG! Clothes. These edgier cut mens swimsuit are minimal skin coverage, sculpts waistline, sits low for sexier look, and 4-way stretch fabric.
Two male models in a pool floating while sporting men&

TOILE DE MIAMI (RED) - Swim Mini Brief

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For swimwear in general, the rule is that measures are stated mostly by reference of regular-clothing waist size (not actual body measures). Using the example on this table, if you usually wear 33" in jeans or pants, then a Large should be your size of reference for BANG! swimsuits.

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It all started with 'TOILE DE JOUY': the iconic antique French fabric that back in the late 18th century was all the craze among "influencers" of the day like Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour or Louis XVI. Originally made in the small town of Jouy-en-Josas outside of Paris (“Toile de Jouy” is French for “cloth from Jouy”) the originals became famous for their repeated patterns that showcased monochromatic motifs of exotic landscapes, French countryside life or scenes from the fables of La Fontaine.

But then we couldn't keep our Bangin' brains quiet, and true to our constant obsession of making a new remix out of everything that crosses our eyes, we thought: "What if Marie Antoinette lived today in Miami and would commission a new version of Toile prints that would instead reflect iconic motifs of life in Miami? What would that look like?." And so we reimagined the concept and another of our unique signature prints was born before we could say "Voilà Art Deco."

Mesdames et Messieurs, this is our "TOILE DE MIAMI" by BANG!® - Available in several color variations, some true to Toile's traditional cobalt-blue or raspberry-red on white, and then some bonus color combinations as mashed-up by chez-nous.

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BANG!® Swim Mini-Briefs feature an edgier cut that shows more skin with a perfect fit. A 'minimal' coverage suit featuring a combo of low-waist cut, a high-leg opening, low-rise seat, and snug fit, to sculpt a man’s waistline to the extreme. A bikini-style bathing suit for men who dare or those who just feel 100% comfortable in their own skin.

  • Four-way stretch
  • Improved shape retention
  • Ultra flat, second-skin soft feel
  • Highest UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • Ultra chlorine resistant
  • Resistance to sun creams and oils
  • Quick dry & sweat proof
  • Reduced pilling
  • Full liner inside
  • Engineered Printing
  • Waistband Drawstring
  • Top-grade thread
  • Exterior fabric: 83% Polyester and 17% four-way-stretch Spandex (Elastane - authentic LYCRA®) allows perfect contouring to the body and comfortable movement

  • Hyper-resistant, lightweight, soft, stretchy, and breathable
  • Brief-shaped full liner inside made with superior-quality soft, light, and comfy material (88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex), fast drying, anti-bacterial treatment, odor protected
  • Chlorine/Salt/Sun-resistant: Colors remain bright and sharp longer, and will not fade when exposed to chlorine and saltwater; or upon washing and exposure to sunlight
  • Highest UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • Quick dry: high-performance fabric with moisture wicking
  • Sweatproof: Advanced technology that prevents fabric discoloration on contact with perspiration
  • Twice resistant to chlorine, and suntan cream and oils
  • Drawstring in waistband for best fit, featuring our signature branded metallic tips in gold.
  • Top-grade thread that offers both strength and durability, even in wet conditions

Note: BANG! men’s Swim Mini-Briefs have no “Full Pack” padding system inside, which is a feature only of our Swim-Brief swimsuits. Our Swim Mini-Briefs have an edgier shape and they are also cut in a special way on the front, with an added extra seam, specifically located, to offer a naturally fuller look in the right place, while also delivering a classy and tasteful masculine look.

For swimwear in general, the rule is that measures are stated mostly by reference of regular-clothing waist size (not actual body measures). Using the example on this table, if you usually wear 33" in jeans or pants, then a Large should be your size of reference for BANG! swimsuits.

Perfect fit guaranteed or your money back.

   Machine wash cold on delicate cycle, or hand wash.

   Wash separately: The type of dye-pigment used on this fabric has limited fastness resistance. Depending on conditions or temperature it may react and transfer color when exposed to pool water (chlorinated) or sea water.

  Do not iron or dry in shade. Do not wring or scrub.

       Do not use chlorine-based whiteners. Do not use fabric softeners.

         Wash only with similar colors.

          Avoid contact with rough surfaces or sharp edges to prevent damage to the fabric.

      This swimsuit is made with a premium quality fabric, which feels incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. Therefore it should be treated as carefully as other delicate and costly fabrics of similar higher grade, like silk or rayon. Be attentive when sitting or leaning against pool borders or steps made of stone or concrete finishes, as rubbing the fabric of your swimsuit against those may damage the appearance of the fabric.

      Also be careful with swimming pools , jacuzzis or similar places where water may have a high concentration of chlorine. Exposing the type of high-quality/delicate fabric of this swimsuit to water with unbalanced levels of pH (as in when high concentrations of chlorine or other chemicals are present) may leave residues of permanent discoloration ("yellowing effect") on the fibers of the garment. In case exposure happens, we recommend to wash and rinse your swimsuit with fresh clean water as soon as possible. Leaving your swimsuit to dry if it's wet with chlorinated water, may create yellow residues of color on the fabric, causing permanent damage to its fibers.

      Returns or exchanges for this item are accepted within 30 days of your order. Items must be unworn, unwashed, with tags and labels still attached, and in original packaging. See our Returns Policy here.