About BANG!

BaNG! was born in the city of Miami, as a line of active wear inspired by the beach and the sun, focusing on premium swimwear for men.

The spirit of our brand is defined by three key traits of a place like Miami: its magic beaches, its vibrant nightlife, and the devoted fitness culture that takes places in gyms all around.
From the "B" (Beach), the "N" (Nightlife), and the "G" (Gym), B-a-N-G! was born.

BaNG!'s signature bold and vibrant colors, and its exclusive and original prints, project fun and excitement. Mixing cues taken from Pop Art and endless innuendos from pop culture. Wearing a piece of BaNG! gear is a trait for those who can own it and flaunt it. BaNG! Boys are proud whether on the sand, on a dance floor, or anywhere else.

We create our line of swimsuits in Miami, one of the most iconic and cosmopolitan coastal cities in the world. And we pick our inspiration directly from its people, the sand, water all around, and its blinding sunny weather. We even get to “test drive” all our swimsuits in their natural environments: the beach, the ocean, and some really fierce pool parties! And we can confirm they always succeed at all tests, and pass with flying colors everywhere!

A lifestyle that we share with men all over the world. A global tribe with no geographical boundaries, willing to live life at its fullest, working hard to play hard, and always ready to enjoy a good time.