BaNG!'s "FULL PACK" System

All our SWIM BRIEFS come equipped with our proprietary “Full Pack” system.

This provides a padded frontal pouch that offers protection, while also a fuller feel in the right place, yet delivering a classy and tasteful look.

The “Full Pack” system is removable. Feel free to leave it in its place, or simply pull it out from its pocket, located in the interior of the front side of the swimsuit.

 The “Full Pack” system is included only in all our Swim Briefs. It is not available with our Swim Mini-Briefs, our Swim Shorts, or FLEXI Boardshorts.


On each page for any of our products, in the lower part of the text section of the product’s description, you can find a “SIZING" tab that when touched or clicked will show the chart and table with sizes and measures information for that specific item. 

* For swimwear in general, the rule is that measures are stated mostly by reference of waist size. Using this example here, if you usually wear 33" in jeans or pants, then a Large should be your size of reference as per the list. 

* Have in mind though that some items like our Swim Mini-Briefs, or our Flexi Boardshorts, are cut to fit quite tight on purpose. So if your personal preference is to wear a tight fit, go for the size as per the table. If you prefer to feel the fit more relaxed, go one size up.

The BaNG! List