Frequently Asked Questions


Beware and be extra careful about any ads you may see on Facebook or Instagram that use our images and logos (illegally stolen and unauthorized to reproduce), to offer our products at absurd and unrealistic prices like $3.99, $4.89 or $6, under a supposed Clearance or Sale promotion. When tapping/clicking on those ads, you will land on web pages that use URLs such as www.YVOMOR dot-com, or POORENCE dot-com or EEIIIER dot-com, or ALONGIFY dot-com. And they show pages that attempt to clone our website, by using our brand's logo and all images of our products stolen and copied from our website.

Those are SCAMS!! And in no way they are related to us or are legitimate or authorized by us. Those are fake websites, running fake ads from out of Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Orders placed are billed from payment processors based in China and Hong Kong, and they will only steal your money, and in the process also retrieve any personal information you enter and give them with your order, which will be used for re-selling it and for phishing scams to try to hack any other accounts you may have. Stay away from those websites. And whenever you see those ads showing up on your feeds, just tap on the three-dots on top right corner, and use the option to Report Ad > Report as fake or scam, to report them with Meta (Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp). And do warn and alert your friends!

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support via email, or our contact page.


We are based in Miami, USA, from where all our line, designs and concepts are created, and the complete brand experience is produced. We live in one of the most iconic sunny cities in the world, and we pick our inspiration directly from its people, its iconic places and its unique cosmopolitan vibe.

While we are based in Miami and it is the place from where the whole BANG!® and DC2® branding experience is created and managed, we don’t have a store of our own here. BANG!® and DC2® products are not sold via any retailers or offered at any third-party physical stores in Miami. We operate as an online-experience exclusively, so we don't have a physical location with full-time staff available to receive customers and offer direct interaction or sales assistance, or that can handle customer service in person. Since we are a digitally native operation, with no physical facility available to serve customers in person, we request all returns/exchanges are shipped to us via postal mail, to ensure a better quality of service.

All our customers based in or visiting South Florida, place their orders via online as well. The advantage in those cases is that orders placed with us that are to be shipped to any local address within the MIAMI area - including hotels, Airbnbs or residences anywhere in South Beach, all Miami Beach & Miami Metro, Fort Lauderdale and Broward - are DELIVERED NEXT DAY (if placed before 12 noon, between Monday and Friday - except for weekends of National Holidays, when USPS/FedEx is not operational on Monday and will deliver by Tuesday any order placed Friday/Saturday). So, if you are in town, you can have your order practically overnight. And if in doubt about sizing or between different styles to choose, what many customers do is order one of everything, try it all, and then contact us to return those items that didn't fit or that they didn't like for any reason (underwear excluded as per our policies). If you are anywhere in Miami or South Florida, shipping both ways is free and all covered by us, so that offers a convenient way to try many of our styles risk-free and from the convenience of the address where you're staying.

Returns & Exchanges

For all USA customers, we offer FREE EXCHANGES. For RETURNS, all items are subject to a $6.95 Cost of Return fee. For International customers, all orders are facilitated by our partner, Global-e. You will be able to initiate a return to our warehouse through the Global-e returns portal. Check out the Returns & Exchanges page for more information

Unfortunately, once a package has been shipped to the address specified by the customer as entered in the order we can no longer accept responsibility. However, if the unintended recipient ships it back to us, or if the address is non-existing and the shipping carrier applies a 'Return To Sender' to send it back to us, we can certainly either re-ship to customer to a rectified address, or apply a refund as soon as we receive the items back with us.

Shipping & Delivery

All our items are shipped from Miami, FL, USA where our own warehouse and operation is based. We are not a "drop-shipping" operation and all our inventory is 100% stocked in our own facilities directly managed by us, to ensure all orders are processed promptly. 

Handling & Order Preparation time is within 24 business hours. Yes! One of the things our customers do really love about us is that we are THAT fast to ship out. All orders regularly are prepared and go out within 24-48 hours after they have been placed (business days). 

Our daily cut off time for same-day order processing is 12 pm US EST. (so, yes, if you order before noon your package WILL go out and be dropped off with mailing carrier right on that same day). We do not ship out on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. 

Please note that orders placed after 12 pm US EST on Friday may not ship until the following Monday.

We ship worldwide. All shipping options and costs are automatically calculated and presented when you check out, depending on the address information you have entered with your order. As long as USPS, DHL, FedEx or UPS can deliver a package to your location, BANG!® will ship to you. You will be able to choose your shipping options once you proceed to checkout, and before confirming payment. Check out our "Shipping & Delivery" section for more details.

It depends on the shipping option you choose, presented at check-out.
For USA Domestic orders, we ship via FedEx 2-Day service, which may take up to 3 days, depending on the exact location within USA. You may also choose an Overnight option.(* Notice that FedEx discloses that their delivery timeframes for their services are always “estimates” though not guaranteed, as disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions or other unexpected variables may affect some delivery areas in some occasions). International Orders are all shipped out via DHL Express, so they are delivered within only five (5) business days.

FOR DOMESTIC USA: If you have placed your order, choosing any of our FedEx shipping options "WITH-Signature-Confirmation" included, please contact us, so we can follow up on your case and find a resolution. If you chose any of the "NO-Signature-confirmation" options, once Fedex states the package as "Delivered" we can not offer any assistance from our side. You need to contact Fedex directly and start a claim with them about the lost/misplaced package. For more reference on our shipping options, please check out our Shipping & Delivery guidelines.

FOR INTERNATIONAL: International orders shipped with DHL are handed off to the reciprocating mail service in the destination country. When shipments get lost, misplaced or stolen we can not offer any assistance from our side. You need to contact your local post mail carrier directly, and start a claim with them about the lost/misplaced package. For more reference on our shipping methods and safer options for International Customers, please check out our Shipping & Delivery guidelines.

Order Questions

Orders are processed when received. To make a change, please contact us by EMAIL or via our CONTACT page, as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request. 

Most of BANG!'s and DC2's releases are always LIMITED RUNS during any given season, for any colors, or any new series of our exclusive and original prints that have become the signature of the brand. Some styles may get re-released from time to time, but always as a "remixed" version, with some sort of variation, twist, or update. Practically, all BANG!® and DC2® pieces end up being something unique to own. That's why most fans of the brand go after them as soon as we release them, and even collect them, as they become rare pieces to keep, that can be worn for multiple seasons. Whenever you see anything you like, we recommend snatching it while it's still available, because once any styles or sizes run out of stock, they are gone-gone for good.

We are unable to accept checks or money orders at this time. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as PayPal payments. And you can also pay in four easy installments, with no interest, using "Sezzle."

Unless specifically indicated, all discount codes provided, or applied by an automatic offer, are all for 'individual-use' and can only be used on their own in an order. Discount codes or offers can't be combined, and so they can not be "stacked" to be used together in one single order. If you have a code for 20% off and another for 15% off, you can choose to use and apply either one or the other on an order. But they can't be both applied together, to get 35% off on a single same order. Unless specifically indicated, discount codes can't be applied on Sale, Clearance, marked-down or discounted items with any type of price reduction alredy applied to it from its regular Full Price. In the same way, if by creating a bundle or similar offer, some level of discount is automatically applied at check-out, no other different discount code can be entered to be applied on the same order, to receive a stacked or accumulated discount on top.

Visit this page to learn about "Sezzle" and how you can pay for your purchase in four easy installments, with no interest.

We understand the security concern when shopping online. BANG! Clothes Corp is committed to the complete privacy and security of your personal information. We use a number of encryption and security devices to make your shopping experience a safe one. Our check-out cart system uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, as a technology to encrypt and protect your information before it is sent over the Internet. All of your personally identifiable data is private and is never shared with or sold to any external organization. We strongly advise all of our users to protect their credit card number by never sending that number, or any other sensitive information, to us via email.

We may regularly offer temporary mark downs, discounts, promotional codes and special offers; which may come and go at any given time. We can offer to process a price adjustment if your item (same color and size) has been reduced within 15 days of the original purchase date. Price adjustment will be processed as a refund, only for merchandise purchased at its original "full price." Items purchased with other type of discounts applied, promotional codes, or from the Sale/Clearance section are not eligible for price adjustments as refunds. Price differences resulting from markdown promotions, are eligible for price adjustments honored only as store credit. Each item is eligible for only one price adjustment. To obtain the adjustment please message us via our CONTACT page, within 15 days after the purchase date - requests sent after that time frame won't be accepted. Include your order number, and the item(s) that you believe are eligible for the price adjustment, and we'll review the case and process a refund for the difference that qualifies as applicable.

Yes. Please, refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for details.

Additional Questions

We don't have a phone number available to contact us. Because BANG! and DC2 are a digitally native operation, our Customer Service team is specifically trained to manage and handle all requests and questions from our customers in written. This allows us to provide the best possible outcome for each request and avoid possible confusions when specifying information such as sizes, items, order numbers, shipping addresses, etc. Because of this, we ask all our customers to contact us directly via email or by using this form in our contact page. If you need to request an exchange or a return or for any other comments or questions concerning any orders, the best and fastest way to receive a response from our Customer Service team is by contacting us in written via the indicated options here. While some customers may prefer the convenience of messaging us via our social media pages as well, the response time on those channels may not be as expedite as it is when contacting us via the form in our Contact Us Page or by email. We also recommend our customers to make sure to white list the address and domain of with their email applications or clients to avoid that our responses may end up filtered as spam and to ensure any messages from us are received promptly. 

All BANG!® and DC2® swimsuits are made with fabrics composed by different mixes of the latest and premium versions of soft-touch Poly materials and authentic LYCRA® (as Spandex/Elastane). We use top-grade 4-way stretch Spandex, which allows perfect contouring to the body and comfortable movement. Our swimsuits also have full-on lining inside (not just crotch-area-only like in cheaper garments you may find elsewhere), for better comfort and feel to the skin. 

We work with a diverse pool of different ateliers from all around the world, directly curated and single picked by us, where we make our products. Depending on the type of product of the specific production batch of a certain silhouette, any of our items could be made in, or use materials imported or outsourced from, Colombia, China, Peru, Italy, Portugal, USA, South Korea, Thailand,  or Portugal. The list of countries may change as we are constantly working on developing and adding more qualifying suppliers to our selection manufacturers. Each of these need to be first vetted by us, as we directly coach them about the techniques and quality of workmanship we require in the making of any of our products. 

The "Full Pack" feature is aproperietary system that provides a padded frontal pouch to our Swim Briefs, offering protection and a fuller feel in the right place, yet delivering a classy and tasteful look. All of our Swim Briefs include this feature. Check out this page for more details.

We recommend that all swimwear is hand-washed only, using cold water. If possible, after every use to remove any products, oils, saltwater or chlorine. Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Keep neatly folded once dry or store flat. It is also very important to avoid rubbing against other materials or rough surfaces to prevent damage to the fabric.The premium grade of the fabrics we use for all BANG! and DC2 swimsuits delivers a distinctive drape, softness, stretchiness and the perfect fit our swimwear is known for. However, and just like with any other top-grade fabrics (think silk or linen), finer grade usually also equals “delicate" and requires to be treated and handled with special care. We provide specific care guidelines for this reason, which we strongly encourage to observe in order to get the most out of your BANG! or DC2 swimsuits in the long term. Definitely avoid seating against a swimming pool's surface areas (tiles, stones, plaster, etc). And also avoid wearing your swimsuit as if it was underwear underneath jeans or pants. Friction by rubbing against another fabric or rough surfaces may lead the fabric of your BANG! or DC2 swimsuit to develop pilling and the fabric can easily start to wear off if mistreated.

Be careful of scammers! Original and authentic BANG!® products are sold exclusively via this, our official and only web store: Beware of counterfeit products and cheaply made copies offered on Amazon under different (and awkward sounding) brand names, or via other websites like, Esmisty, Fasing, Gudon,,, Aliexpress and others. All those they simply steal the photos from our website and repost them as theirs. In the same way they do with products from other renowned brands.

While getting copied is always a fascinating form of flattery for us, unfortunately for unaware customers those are all fraud websites which usually operate as networks based from other territories. They will most likely steal your money and never ship anything. Or if you are lucky enough they will be a "drop-shipping" or "made-on-request" type of operation that will start to make an item only when an order for it is placed. Therefore, it may take them anything from 10 days and up to two months until they can get something ready to ship to you. And what you will receive is a terribly made copy, replicated using low-cost fabrics, badly finished manufacturing and using "their version" of what they think one of our original BANG!® prints should look like. We know this because we ordered some ourselves from those places and we received either a package with an empty bag inside (very common trick used to fool PayPal or your credit card by creating a shipping label with a tracking number that will indicate "delivered") or we received a product that made us crack up at its absurd appearance.

When you place an order here on your parcel is prepared and shipped out within one business day because we ship directly from our own warehouse located in Miami, FL where all our inventory is housed. And you will receive a legitimate and Premium-Quality item, made with the first-class fabrics and top-notch workmanship, perfect-fitting cut and in compliance with all our quality standards that have made the BANG!® brand famous among our customers from more than 60 countries around the world. And of course all backed-up by our 30-Day Satisfaction-Guaranteed policy.

When shopping online be careful when browsing any website - even if you discovered it by seeing it promoted on social media channels - and be on the lookout for possible red flags. See where the brand or store states they are located and where they ship from. Read their "About Us" and other info to check if it sounds authentic and original or generic and copy-pasted from some template. Look what their order preparation guidelines are (if they list any!) and if they have a clear Returns & Exchanges policy. Google them for reviews or references. If shopping on Amazon, look at the "Sold by" information, click on it, and check in the "Detailed Seller Information" where that seller is based. And if the prices they show are too good to be true, well, now you know better.

Yes. As long as you see our products officially identified as from (or "Sold by") the "Bang" brand (be careful with counterfeit versions sold by other non-reputable sellers!). We manage our own sub-store inside, and the products from our brand that you see offered there at the same prices as on our website are 100% legit and exactly the same products you would get if you would order them directly from us. The only difference is that the stellar Support service that our customers love so much from us ( can be provided only for orders placed directly here on our website. Also, the usual special discounts, codes, sales and promos that we offer via our newsletter (The BANG! List) can only by used and applied when ordering directly from our web site. Since Amazon regulates its own support modalities for purchases made in their own marketplace, they will not allow us to offer to their customers the same set of deals or Customer Support advantages that we can offer for orders placed directly here on

BANG! Clothes and DC2 are committed to the complete privacy and security of your shopping experience. No external party or entity will be able to view your account information, your purchasing history, or your credit card number. Your personal information will not be sold or distributed to external parties in any way, and you are free to withdraw your name and close your account at any time.

For more details check out our full Privacy Policy.