Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BaNG! Clothes based?
We are based in Miami, USA, from where all our line, designs and concepts are produced. We live in one of the most iconic sunny cities in the world, and we pick our inspiration directly from its people, its places and its cosmopolitan vibe.

Where do you ship to and how much does it cost?
We ship worldwide. All shipping options and costs are automatically calculated and presented when you check out, depending on the address information you have entered. As long as USPS, DHL or UPS can deliver a package to your location, BaNG! Clothes will ship to you. You will be able to choose your shipping options once you proceed to checkout, and before confirming payment. Check out our "Shipping & Delivery" section for more details. 

How long does shipping take?
It depends on the shipping option you choose. At check out these options are presented with a brief explanation for each case. International shipments also always depend on customs of the destination country. The countries that seem to be handling this better are Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and most of all other countries located across Central and Southeastern Europe.

I'm going to be in Miami in a few days, is there a BaNG! Store that I can visit, or a shop where I can try your items and buy in person?
While we are based in Miami as our place in the world from where we work and make all the BaNG! magic happen, we don’t have a store of our own here in Miami, and there are no brick-and-mortar shops in town that carry our line. We offer all our items via this online web store only. However, orders placed here in our online store, that are to be shipped to any local address within the MIAMI area (including hotels or residences in South Beach, all Miami Metro, Fort Lauderdale and Broward), are delivered NEXT DAY, if placed before 12 noon, between Monday and Friday (except for weekends of National Holidays, when USPS is not operational on Monday and will deliver by Tuesday any order placed Friday/Saturday). 

What’s your Return / Exchange Policy?
Please, go to this section, for all our details about returns, exchanges, and refunds.

I am in Miami, and I would like to exchange an item I have for something else: where in Miami can I go to see what's available, try on and choose what I like best and make my exchange in person?
We don’t have a store of our own here in Miami, or a physical location prepared to handle customer service in person, or with people available full time that can take care of these type of requests. Since we are an online-only operation, with no physical facility available to interact directly with our customers, we request all returns/exchanges are shipped to us via postal mail, to ensure a better quality of service. Check out our "Returns & Exchanges" section for additional reference on that subject

Do I need to pay shipping for returns?
Yes. Your return shipping costs are paid by you. However we will not charge you a new fee to re-ship again to you for any exchanged item.

Can I make changes to my order?
Orders are processed when received. To make a change, please contact us by email to, or via our CONTACT page, as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

The tracking info of my shipment says it has been delivered, but I can't find it in my mailbox or property and I haven't received it. What can I do?
FOR USA: If you have placed your order, choosing any of our USPS shipping options "WITH-Signature-Confirmation" included, please contact us, so we can follow up on your case and find a resolution. If you chose any of the "NO-Signature-confirmation" options, once USPS states the package as "Delivered" we can not offer any assistance from our side. You need to contact USPS directly and start a claim with them about the lost/misplaced package. For more reference on our shipping options, please check out our Shipping & Delivery guidelines.
FOR INTERNATIONAL: International orders shipped with USPS (either First Class International, Express Mail International) are handed off to the reciprocating mail service in the destination country. These shipments are not fully traceable (by a tracking number) as they enter a different postal system in a new country. In case these shipments get lost, misplaced or stolen we can not offer any assistance from our side. You need to contact your local post mail carrier directly, and start a claim with them about the lost/misplaced package. For more reference on our shipping options, please check out our Shipping & Delivery guidelines.

The tracking info of my USPS-sent Domestic/International package has not been updated for several days and seems like my package is lost: can you guys track it and find it for me, or speed it up somehow?
Unfortunately we can't. USPS is an outsourced third-party service. When you choose any USPS option for shipping at check-out, you are basically hiring through us, their services, establishing a direct service relationship between you and them. Once your order has been prepared and picked-up by USPS, they take ownership of your package, and is no longer within our control. If their internal tracking logistics fails at any point for any reason, we have no way of fixing it, by locating packages, speeding up deliveries, or rescuing eventual shipments that have been either lost or misplaced by them. In the case of international packages, this is even way more out of our reach, as orders shipped with USPS (either First Class International, Express Mail International) are handed off to the reciprocating mail service in the destination country. As such, they enter a different postal system in a new country, subject to its own regulations as per each country's own local customs authorities, and dependent of the internal logistics and performance standards of the region's own postal system.
For safest order delivery, we strongly recommend to choose any of the available private-courier shipping options at check-out (DHL, FedEx, UPS) for all cases of shipping destinations where postal handling and delivery may be not 100% reliable.

I just purchased an item here on the web store, and one day later I see it offered at lower price on sale. Can I get a refund for the difference?
We may regularly offer temporary mark downs, discounts, promotional codes and special offers; which may come and go at any given time. We can offer to process a price adjustment if your item (same color and size) has been reduced within 14 days of the original purchase date. We only offer price adjustments for merchandise purchased at its original "full price." Items purchased with other type of discounts applied, promotional codes, or from the Sale/Clearance section are not eligible for price adjustments. Each item is eligible for only one price adjustment. To obtain the adjustment please message us via our CONTACT page, within 14 days after the purchase date - requests sent after that time frame won't be accepted. Include your order number, and the item(s) that you believe are eligible for the price adjustment, and we'll review the case and process a refund for the difference that qualifies as applicable.

The item I wanted is out-of-stock. Will you get more?
We try to restock most of our items frequently. Those we plan to never restock again will be removed from the site and not become available any more.

Do you accept checks or money orders?
We are unable to accept checks or money orders at this time. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as PayPal payments. And you can also pay in four easy installments, with no interest, using "Sezzle."

There is a payment option at check-out called "SEZZLE" that says "Pay over time, 0% interest" - what is that?
Visit this page to learn about "Sezzle" and how you can pay for your purchase in four easy installments, with no interest.

What materials are your swimsuits made of?
All BaNG! swimsuits are made with fabrics composed by different mixes of the latest and premium versions of soft-touch Poly and 25% of authentic LYCRA® (as Spandex/Elastane). We use top-grade 4-way stretch Spandex, which allows perfect contouring to the body and comfortable movement. Our swimsuits also have full-on lining inside (not just crotch-area-only like in cheaper garments you may find elsewhere), for better comfort and feel to the skin. 

How can I know what my size is? Do you have size charts?
Check out our "Sizing & Measures" section for reference on this topic.

What is the “Full Pack” system mentioned in the product description of your Swim Briefs?
The “Full Pack” feature is a proprietary system, that provides a padded frontal pouch to some of our men's swimsuits, offering protection and a fuller feel in the right place, yet delivering a classy and tasteful look. All of our Swim Briefs include this feature. Check out this page for more details.
Does BaNG! swimwear require any special care?
We recommend that all swimwear is hand washed only, using cold water. If possible, after every use to remove any products, oils, saltwater or chlorine. Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Keep neatly folded once dry or store flat.

Is my order secure?
We understand the security concern when shopping online. BaNG! Clothes is committed to the complete privacy and security of your personal information. We use a number of encryption and security devices to make your shopping experience a safe one. Our check-out cart system uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, as a technology to encrypt and protect your information before it is sent over the Internet. All of your personally identifiable data is private and is never shared with or sold to any external organization. We strongly advise all of our users to protect their credit card number by never sending that number, or any other sensitive information, to us via email.
What is your privacy policy?
BaNG! Clothes is committed to the complete privacy and security of your shopping experience. No external party or entity will be able to view your account information, your purchasing history, or your credit card number. Your personal information will not be sold or distributed to external parties in any way, and you are free to withdraw your name and close your account at any time.
For more details check out our full Privacy Policy.