BANG!® was founded in 2014 in Miami by Duny De La Cruz and Cristian Cravello.

Duny was born in Cuba and raised in Spain from his childhood in the Canary Islands. He built a strong entrepreneurial spirit working for years in his own ventures and fashion retail operations. Duny is a styling expert, and while he co-designs BANG!’s line, he also keeps a close eye in the daily operations of the business logistics, our supply chain, product development, and quality check of each piece made by the brand.

Cristian was born and raised in Argentina. Business school put him in the path of an early career in consumer products; but it was his natural passion for trends, entertainment and pop culture what led him to thrive in the television industry working for MTV, VH1 and Viacom Networks. Cristian partakes the creative direction of BANG!® as its “DJ” (Design Jockey) and drives the marketing and technology wheels that power up the brand’s identity.


Cristian and Duny met in Miami in 2012. The beach brought them together and ignited their vision to launch a line of men’s swimwear. Their mutual obsession with quality, and with putting out there a cut and fit for men’s beachwear that they couldn’t find anywhere else, accelerated the line’s success faster than they imagined. And the original and exclusive colorful prints that they created for BANG! soon became the signature of the brand’s style.

The line expanded by launching in 2019 its first men's underwear series as well as lines of activewear, fitness and accessories. The addition of Street Shorts in 2021, and then Tracksuits, Hoodies and Jogger Pants in 2022 ignited the tipping point of the brand into the athlesiure and casual wear spaces.

Basking in pop culture, whenever a new beach day or pool party calls to play, BANG!® is always ready for showtime! Let's Bang, baby!

This is where we create, design and test-drive each of our BANG!®️ swimsuits and beach-ready styles.