Work With Us

As our brand keeps expanding and growing we are constantly on the lookout for new talent to become part of our BANG!® team.

We are a digitally native menswear brand that designs apparel and creates content that appeals to the fans of BANG!®. Our customers become our customers and fall in love with our products because of the way we make all our pieces with that special “BANG! cut” that fits just right, like nothing else out there. And because they really get us. And they get us right! It’s like a non-written code, a certain language that we both speak and know how to understand. It’s in the way we flirt with pop culture, the references we use, and the subtle winks we put out there. And we never need to explain them because those who get them right, they just know. It's a BANG!® thing.

You think you get us right, too? Then you belong to this tribe, and we’d like to meet you.

If you have skills in any of the areas below, we want to know about you:

  • Graphic design and/or art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Apparel Technical Design
  • Marketing (DTC, digital, e-Commerce, email marketing)
  • Photography, videography, post-production, content creation
  • Social Media management
  • Product Development
  • e-Commerce platforms / UX Development
  • Customer Service

If you live in the Miami area or have plans to relocate, send to us your resume with a cover letter to We’d love to take a look at it.