At the moment the BANG!® line is not being offered to retail stores. However, as demand for our products keeps growing in USA an internationally, if you'd like to be considered as a possible retailer to stock BANG!® products, please send us an email to info@bangclothes.com

On your email please include:
  • Store Name
  • Specify what type of store you have (brick & mortar, online, both, other)
  • Store address
  • Years in business
  • What other brands or product categories your store carries
  • What lines or specific products of the BANG!® brand are you interested in - include estimation of quantities.  (*Notice we don't have Line Sheets available - Please use the product pages here on the website as a guide of our catalog).
  • Any other info that may help us to understand better your business
  • Website URL
  • Facebook / Instagram links
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone
You will be contacted if at some point new opportunities open to offer our line to retail stores.  Thank you.