Founders & Creative Designers

Cristian Cravello & Duny De La Cruz

Dunierki De La Cruz was born in Cuba, and raised in Spain from his childhood, in the Canary Islands. “Duny” - as everybody calls him - has a solid background in the retail industry, mainly in fashion and clothing. He has managed several multi-brand fashion boutiques in Spain. Duny is a styling expert, and in the daily operations he keeps a close eye on all things related to the design, production, and quality check of each piece made by BaNG! Clothes. His fondness for multitasking allows him to even find the way to stand as the rockstar model for the brand. A European at heart, with an insatiable appetite for traveling, Duny has visited almost every corner of the world, and now he’s reflecting all his life experiences through the designs of BaNG! Clothes.

Cristian Cravello was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grew up with an ingrained curiosity about trends, and all things related to media, pop culture, and entertainment. A former head of Marketing for MTV Networks Latin America/Viacom International, through his career he has professionally partaken in areas as branding, advertising, consumer goods, and technology (for the latter, admitting to being a total geek himself). Cristian oversees the general vision of design and creative direction for BaNG!, as well as the marketing and identity strategy for the brand. From the overall visuals and styling trends, to all advertising, or how the brand unfolds through its social media channels. He also makes sure that all the technology and digital resources that power up BaNG!, and its administrative & operational tasks, keep all running up to speed. 

Cristian moved to Miami in 2002, and ten years later, by the end of 2012, happened to meet Duny in that same city. Right on the beach. Miami brought them together. And several months later, in the same place, on a warm sunny afternoon, they both started to play fantasizing together about what kind of swimwear designs they would like to wear at the beach. So they started to look for what they wanted in stores and websites all over. But they couldn’t find anywhere what they were envisioning in their minds.  So they decided to start making them by themselves, so those crazy dreams and ideas could become real.

And the rest is history…

Now the time to BaNG! has come.