Our BaNG! exclusive and original “FLEXI” Boardshorts have been designed, created, and specially built to become the most flexible and adaptable pair of boardshorts you’ll ever find.

Taking a cue of inspiration from classic-school surfing culture, they offer the performance of a stretch boardshort, while also styled with the fashionably look of a modern fit walk short, smoothing the transition between the beach and everything after.

And the specially engineered fabric they are made of is so light and sits so softly on the skin, they make you feel like naked or wearing nothing at all when you have them on. You may end up calling these your “AIR-Boardshorts”as well. 

Loaded with ultimate stretch capability, and generous pockets, they provide a perfect combination of comfort, full range of motion, versatility, and multi-functionality, delivered all in a stylish, body-sculpting, and shape contouring format.

BaNG!’s “FLEXI” Boardshorts were born to become the ultimate all-purpose shorts for any true cosmopolitan man, created as the perfect all-rounder in and out of the water, with an everyday walk short silhouette.



Don’t be afraid and use (and abuse) them everywhere and for everything. Defy their adaptability!

* Wear them casually at the beach, or at a pool

* Dive confidently into any water with them - these little monsters can take anything: chlorine, salt, sand, sweat, rivers, oceans, rain or shine 

* Wear them even for your toughest workout at the gym, use them for running, or cycling, yoga, Pilates, in a CrossFit WOD, or even for trekking or on your next Tough Mudder or similar endurance race

* Are you into bodybuilding or preparing for a Men’s Physique competition? Are you a model or looking to wear something more shape-defining to use in pictures or on a stage or runway? – Flexi Boardshorts got you covered there, too!

* Or just use them to stroll around, walk your dog, go shopping, or meet with friends on your next Sunday brunch



We tuned-up our “FLEXl” Boardshorts length’s cut to keep it on purpose above knees. Traditional surf boardshorts go down enough to cover the knees, as that is useful to cover the back of the leg when sitting on a surfing board, preventing the sticky wax layer from ripping the leg’s hair off. 

But since the Flexi Boardshorts are intended to be used for anything but sitting on wax, we cut their length above the knees on purpose, to allow more freedom of movement. And for a bit more of show-off effect, too (Come on, don’t be shy and show around those legs!)



Let BaNG!’s “FLEXI Boardshorts” become part of your summer-gear essentials, and allow them to make you go straight from the streets to the pool; from sand to mountains to woods; day or night.