Care Instructions

   Machine wash cold on delicate cycle, or hand wash.

  Do not iron or dry in shade. Do not wring or scrub.

       Do not use chlorine-based whiteners. Do not use fabric softeners.

         Wash only with similar colors.

          Avoid contact with rough surfaces or sharp edges to prevent damage to the fabric.

      Your Swimsuit is made with a premium quality fabric, which feels incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, and therefore should be treated as careful as other fabrics of similar high-end appeal, like silk or rayon. Be attentive when sitting or leaning against pool borders or steps made of stone or concrete finishes, as rubbing the fabric of your Bang! swimsuit against those may damage the appearance of the fabric.

      Also be careful with swimming pools, jacuzzis, or similar places where water may have a high concentration of chlorine. Exposing the type of high-quality/delicate fabric of this swimsuit to water with unbalanced levels of pH (as in when high concentrations of chlorine or other chemicals are present) may leave residues of permanent discoloration ("yellowing effect") on the fibers of the garment. In case exposure happens, we recommend washing and rinse your swimsuit with fresh clean water as soon as possible. Leaving your swimsuit to dry if it's wet with chlorinated water, may create yellow residues of color on the fabric, causing permanent damage to its fibers.